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Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 Summer Food Tours In New York City: Plus One Epi Editor's Under-$50 East Village Eating Tour!

Soup dumplings
If you're headed to New York City this summer and want to maximize your time tasting as many of the city's diverse cuisines as possible, consider going on a food tour. Many of the Big Apple's culinary guides are locals with a passion for sharing the best spots in city, and there's a food tour out there for just about any kind of experience you want. 
From a Sex and the City tour in Manhattan to outer-borough expeditions to Chinese and Italian neighborhoods in Queens and the Bronx, here are 10 of New York City's best food tours to check out this summer. Plus, I've included my personal recommendations for how to take a self-guided food tour of my 'hood, the East Village.

If you can't wait for the next sequel . . . Sex And The City Hot Spots Tour
Follow in the stiletto footsteps of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda on this guided shopping and eating trip that highlights the characters' favorite spots. You'll get to check out Buddakan (where Carrie held her rehearsal dinner), sip Cosmos at Scout (Steve and Aiden's bar), and devour cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery -- the sweets shop that became world-famous after it appeared on the show. $47,
Murrays Cheese
If you want to see historic brownstones on tree-lined streets while you eat . . . The Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour
This tour stops in at 10 charming neighborhood spots that locals truly love. You'll get to sample cow, sheep, and goat cheeses at Murray's Cheese Shop, grab a slice from the famous Joe's Pizza on Bleecker Street, and pick up a cannoli for dessert from the historic Pasticceria Rocco$52,
Famous daves
What's even better than getting escorted through NYC by a local? Getting driven around in a vintage Checker cab on your journey. Taxi driver Dave Freedenberg will tailor your culinary adventure to whatever interests you. Or you can opt for "The Pizza Tour," "The Pickle Tickle Tour," or "The Boot of the Boros Tour." Fat Dave famously gave chef Anthony Bourdain a tour on top secret NYC spots for his show No Reservations. You can follow in his footsteps on "The Disappearing New York Tour." $200 for two hours,
Chinese restaurant
If you're hard core about Asian food . . . Flushing Chinatown Food Tour
Chopsticks + Marrow blogger and Queens native Joe DiStefano has been called many things: from an "invaluable food sleuth" by the New York Times to "the gold standard" of guides by star chef Andrew Zimmern. You'll taste regional Chinese specialties like incendiary, palate-tingling Sichuan chicken and Xinjiang lamb kebabs from DiStefano's favorite restaurants and hawker stands. Then, stock up on hard-to-find ingredients from the melting pot neighborhood's Chinese, Korean, and Malaysian markets. $75,
Soup dumplings
If you're hard core about Asian food, BUT way too scared to take the subway to Queens . . . Free Tours By Foot's Chinatown Food Tour
If you can't make it to Queens, this is the next best option for authentic Chinese food in Manhattan. Stepping into the borough's bustling Chinatown is intimidating--even for born-and-raised New Yorkers. There are just so many restaurants, bakeries, and unfamiliar foods in the markets. Getting a guide to navigate you to the neighborhood's best hand-pulled noodles, roast pork buns, bubble tea, and soup dumplings is key. What makes this tour especially awesome is that there's no set fee, so you can just pay for the food you actually want to eat. $7-$10 per snack,
If you're obsessed with finding the ultimate slice . . . Scott's NYC Pizza Bus Tour
You'll feel like a kid on a field trip as you board a big yellow school bus that's bound for some of the best pizza places in four of NYC's boroughs. Our top picks for the stops on the tour: Little Italy's Lombardi's, Brooklyn's Totonno's Pizzeria NapolitanoZero Otto Nove in the Bronx, and Queens' Rizzo's (ask for a corner slice fresh from the oven--trust us on this one). $60,
If you're a chocaholic . . . The New Cuisine Chocolate Tour
Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent tastings at some of SoHo's best chocolate shops, like Vosges Haut-Chocolat. A couple of other stops include MarieBelle's flagship jewel-box boutique and Xocolatti's 150-square-foot shop that's famous for its delicate Indian spice-infused truffles. $69,
Di palos
If you want one degree separation from a celebrity . . . Savory Sojourns' SoHo and Little Italy Food Tour
Actress Marisa Tomei's mother, Addie, leads this tour that includes visits to handmade pasta shop Piemonte Ravioli and a taste of the famous fresh mozzarella at Italian cheese shop Di Palo's. Lunch at Tomei's favorite trattoria includes wine, plus a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen. If you're feeling extra stalker-like, Tomei occasionally offers Greenwich Village tours that start with breakfast in her home. $165,
If you want to check out the original Little Italy . . . Institute of Culinary Education's Arthur Avenue Walking Tour in the Bronx
Cookbook author Giovanna Bellia La Marca is like the Italian nonna you always wish you had. The Sicilian-born guide's tour includes visits to longtime family-owned markets like Randazzo's Seafood and lunch atArthur Avenue Trattoria. Plus, you'll get to watch live demos of how to make mozzarella at Mike's Deli and how to pull handmade egg noodles at Borgatti's$85,
Katzs deli
If you want to see what life was like in the Shtetl . . . Free Tours by Foot's Lower East Side Food Tour
Although a majority of the Jewish community left the LES over 50 years ago, its delicious food lives on in the trendy neighborhood. The tour includes stops at Yonah Schimmel Knish BakeryKossar's Bialys,The Pickle Guys, and Streit's Matzos factory. But you're guide will also take you past two spots you should check out on your own after the pay-what-you-like tour: pastrami-heaven Katz's Delicatessen and smoked fish shop Russ and Daughters. For dessert, hit up secular food spots Economy Candy shop and the Doughnut Plant$7-$10 per snack,

Grab a buddy to split the cost of this taste through 10 neighborhood spots, starting with killer coffee and ending with a cocktail bar hop and late-night snack. (about $50 per person) 
Start at Point A: Abraço Espresso, 86 East 7th St,
You've got a lot of eating to do and will need some coffee. The shop roasts and hand-grinds coffee beans on the spot for its espressos, lattes, and cortados. ($2 to $3)
Point B: Luke's Lobster, 93 East 7th St,
Order half of the buttery Maine lobster roll even though you'll want a whole one. ($8)
Point C: Caracas Arepa Bar93 1/2 East 7th St,
Get a taste of Venezuela with the Reina Pepiada arepa: a griddled corn bun filled with a chunky avocado and chicken salad. ($7.50)
Point D: People's Pops118 First Ave (at 7th Street),
Cleanse your palate with a fresh fruit popsicle in flavors like Strawberry-Basil. ($3.50).
Point E: Momofuku Noodle Bar, 171 First Ave (at 11th Street),
Take a moment to digest as you head up the avenue to on your way to this spot that's part of star chef Dave Chang's mini-restaurant empire. Whatever you do, you must order the buns--pork belly or shrimp cake--whichever appeals to you the most. And a bowl of the signature toothsome Momofuku Ramen that's filled with pork belly and shoulder, then topped with a perfectly poached egg. ($26 to $28).
Point F: Momofuku Milk Bar251 East 13th St,
You're full, but there's always room for dessert, right? You can't go wrong with pastry chef Christina Tosi's cult-status Compost Cookie or Cereal Milk ice cream. ($2 to $4.50)
Point G: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, 125 East 7th St,
You're on a gluttonous food tour--you're allowed to have two desserts! Get the Salty Pimp, not just because it has a fabulous name, but because it's a salty-sweet soft serve vanilla cone dipped in chocolate and dulce de leche, then finished with sea salt. ($5) 
Point H: Mayahuel, 304 East 6th St,
Now it's time for a drink. This spot devoted to tequila and mezcal, makes perfectly balanced cocktails like the off-the-menu refreshing Loop Tonic: aged white tequila, vermouth, lime juice, green Chartreuse, and a dash of celery bitters. ($14)
Point I: PDT, 113 St Mark's Place,
Go through the phone booth inside hot dog spot Crif Dogs to get to this speakeasy bar that kicked off the classic cocktail trend that's spread throughout America. Tell bartender/owner Jim Meehan your favorite spirit, then give him carte blanche to create your drink. Also, order the off-the-menu Danger Tots as a bar snack: tater tots loaded with bacon, cheddar, guacamole, and sour cream. ($15 drink, $5 tots)
Point J: Veselka, 144 2nd Ave (at 9th St),
An order of handmade short rib pierogi at this 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant is the perfect way to cap off the night. ($8.50)

The New York City Ballet goes high fashion

Sarah Burton, Valentino Garavani and Mary Katrantzou are just three of the designers to have collaborated with the New York City Ballet on costumes for the company’s Fall Gala, conceived and co-chaired by Sarah Jessica Parker for the third consecutive year.

Each designer was paired with a different choreographer for the event, with Alexander McQueen’s Burton working with British dancer Liam Scarlett and Katrantzou partnering with New York City Ballet’s new resident choreographer Justin Peck. Carolina Herrera and Thom Browne have also created pieces for the annual gala. 

This year’s event will take place on 23 September at the Lincoln Center in New York and marks the opening of the four-week fall season. Previous designers to have worked with New York City Ballet include Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, Iris Van Herpen and Olivier Theyskens.

The hottest nail trends for fall 2014

Here Are the Jayoncé Emojis You Need in Case Beyoncé and Jay Z Break Up

In May, Solange Knowles kick-started talk of trouble in the world of Bey and Jay with Elevator-gate, and Jayoncé’s adoring fans have been inundated with rumors of the couple’s reported unraveling since. Beyoncé has supposedly scrubbed the IV tattoo from her ring finger; she altered the lyrics to “Resentment” in front of a live, On The Run tour audience, fueling speculation that Jay Z strayed; and shemight’ve made a solo trip to see a $21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea.

The tabloids prattled on this weekend, claiming that a foursome of lawyers boarded the OTR tour bus/luxury plane with a pool, and, said a source, “[T]hey’re not here just to see them perform. They are here to help hash things out.” (The source also cautioned that On The Run could be scrapped before reaching San Francisco, and that the pair checks in to separate hotels at each stop.) But, for every tabloid action, there is an equal and opposite Bey Z reaction, be it family photos on Instagram, initial nail art, or a "Flawless (Remix)" feat. Nicki Minaj addressing Elevator-gate…compounding our emotional strife. What’s a girl living vicariously through two public figures’ romance to do?

Emoji. Not only are the ideograms the foundation of communicating nowadays, they star in their very own “Drunk in Love” music video—that was more or less acknowledged by the Beygency with its official Blow and Surfboard Emoji Tees. Here, created a dozen symbols—including a broken surfboard, an elevator, and “Single Ladies”—to help you express your (so! many!) feels during this tumultuous time. And, to be clear, remains staunchly Team Bey/Jay; however, in the interest of covering both sides of the issue, we offer: #ibrokeuplikethis.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Envejecimiento, ¿un proceso que se puede revertir sin cirugía?

El envejecimiento es un proceso muy complejo que trae consigo cambios moleculares que se manifiestan a nivel celular, histológico y anatómico, siendo el envejecimiento cutáneo una de sus expresiones más evidentes. Dentro de sus causas, se encuentran aquellos factores intrínsecos al paso del tiempo como la disminución de la producción de colágeno y aquellos relativos a elementos externos como la contaminación, exposición al sol, entre otros.

Durante el envejecimiento, la producción de colágeno disminuye y la piel sufre una serie de alteraciones a nivel de la dermis y de la epidermis, que producen, entre otras cosas, una reducción del tejido graso subcutáneo y pérdida de flexibilidad. Esto provoca que la piel se reseque y se descame con mayor facilidad, favoreciendo la aparición de arrugas, pigmentaciones, telangestasias, verrugas seborreicas, nevos, quistes, etc.

Las  arrugas son, en su inicio, líneas de expresión en la piel que, con el pasar del tiempo, evolucionan en surcos más profundos. Estos trazos se producen por la pérdida de elasticidad de los estratos superficiales de la epidermis y por la falta de hidratación en los planos más profundos de la piel. Cuando las zonas de la epidermis están más delgadas y sometidas a gran tensión, se genera una fractura del estrato córneo, formando así una arruga verdadera.

“Las arrugas suelen seguir líneas y su dirección está determinada por la actividad de los movimientos musculares. Por ello, las primeras arrugas que aparecen se les denomina líneas de expresión y su evolución viene dada de forma cronológica y está íntimamente relacionada con la predisposición genética, estilo de vida, práctica de hábitos nocivos, factores ambientales, hormonales, nutricionales y emocionales”, explica la Dra. Cristina Premerl, médico cirujano con formación en medicina láser del Centro Láser de Estética Integral CLEI.

 Afortunadamente, existen algunos consejos prácticos para prevenir la aparición de las arrugas y retrasar el envejecimiento cutáneo:

·                Intensificar el consumo de antioxidantes como el té verde y Vitaminas A, C y E (pescado, pollo, frutas cítricas, etc)
·                Incorporar  Omega 3 en la dieta (pescados azules y alimentos ricos en estos ácidos grasos para el sistema cardiovascular)
·                Ingerir minerales como el selenio y cobre. Se obtienen comiendo atún, nueces, salmón, etc.
·                Usar protección solar diariamente para evitar que aparezcan arrugas y manchas.

Por otro lado, “el abanico de posibilidades terapéuticas para prevenir y eliminar estas imperfecciones de la piel se ha incrementado inmensamente en los últimos años y comprende desde leves terapias cosméticas hasta procedimientos con radiofrecuencia y diferentes plataformas Láser. La combinación de las mismas, sumado al diagnóstico acertado, la experiencia y formación médica ofrece excelentes resultados”, afirma la Dra. Cristina Premerl, médico cirujano con formación en medicina láser de CLEI.

Algunas de estas efectivas alternativas no invasivas, que forman parte de un plan tecno-biológico, son las siguientes:
-        Laser Erbio-Yag: su acción remodeladora en la piel es capaz de eliminar la capa más externa de ésta, estimulando la formación y reorganización del colágeno. Se puede aplicar en la cara, cuello, escote y manos.
-        Luz Intensa pulsada: es una luz fotónica que proporciona un rejuvenecimiento uniforme del rostro, unificando el color, eliminando las rojeces, mejorando las manchas, la calidad y la textura de la piel.
-        Radiofrecuencia Tripolar: ofrece, a través del calor, un sutil y delicado rejuvenecimiento, promoviendo la re-estructuración de las fibras de colágeno y combatiendo la flacidez en pocas sesiones y con mantenimientos regulares.
-        Plasma Rico en Plaquetas: es un procedimiento seguro y altamente efectivo que se realiza con la misma sangre del paciente y es capaz de estimular la hidratación y elasticidad de la piel, mejorando su firmeza. Es una terapia que activa el ciclo celular de la piel a través de la colocación del plasma, altamente rico en plaquetas y proteínas llamadas Factores de Crecimiento Plaquetario. De esta forma,  se promueve la producción de colágeno y elastina, los cuales aportan luminosidad a la piel y suavizan su textura.
-        Toxina Botulínica: es el tratamiento más reconocido mundialmente y el más demandado en cuanto a rejuvenecimiento facial. Su éxito se debe a que previene la aparición de las arrugas, producidas por la actividad muscular. Es un procedimiento rápido y seguro en el cual se mejora la apariencia del rostro manteniendo la anatomía facial del paciente.

La combinación de estos procedimientos le permitirá al paciente combatir el envejecimiento sin necesidad de acudir a cirugías y lucir un rostro más joven y fresco, gracias a la restauración, revitalización e hidratación de la piel.
Centro Láser de Estética integral CLEI. Telf 266.87.15/ 267.91.16. Email: /

Disfruta de las vacaciones con las nuevas historias musicales de Ediciones Ekaré

Llegan las vacaciones y Ediciones Ekaré presenta cuatro libros nuevos para el deleite de toda la familia. Historias divertidas con hermosas ilustraciones dedicadas a la música, invitan a celebrar el placer de leer y los 35 años de Ediciones Ekaré. Cada uno de estos libros contempla la música de formas diferentes, así en:

·SOS Televisión. Una familia es adicta a la televisión. Pero un día la TV se estropea y hay que llamar al técnico: ¡SOS Televisión! Mientras esperan su llegada, papá, mamá e hijo descubren un mundo maravilloso. Y es que "cuando la pantalla se apaga el círculo de la familia se enciende..." con la música de la famosa canción Volare de Domenico Modugno, resonando en el  fondo.

·Concierto de piano. Es el primer concierto de Momo y la invade cierto temor. Antes de salir al escenario se encuentra a una ratoncita también nerviosa por su propia función. Ambas se reconfortan la una a la otra: "Todo saldrá bien, todo saldrá bien". A través de magníficas ilustraciones japonesas en blanco y negro se vislumbra un mundo fantástico que acompañará a Momo hasta culminar con una gran ronda de aplausos, reverencias y abrazos.

·Concierto para escalera y orquesta. Esta espléndida edición cosida artesanalmente con forma alargada y colores vívidos, ilustra la historia de una escalera que desaparece e impide a una pareja asistir a un concierto de la Sinfónica. El humor y la fantasía serán clave para que puedan ir al concierto, mientras la música no para de sonar.

·Los Beatles. Este libro, con ambiente de cómic, cuenta la trayectoria de la banda, desde el nacimiento de John Lennon en Liverpool, hasta su separación en los años ‘70. A través de datos curiosos, canciones famosas y sucesos memorables, la historia de esta entrañable agrupación sigue encantando a lectores de todas las edades.