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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Montblanc celebra 90 años de su mayor ícono: la Meisterstück

Icono desde 1924, la Meisterstück de Montblanc celebra y cumple 90 años de hazañas.

Atemporal, esta pluma fuente se ha convertido con el tiempo en el símbolo de los valores de la marca: la más refinada artesanía, técnicas de manufactura tradicionales, materiales preciosos, una estética refinada y un funcionamiento excepcional. La Meisterstück se ubica entre los iconos del lujo más famosos a nivel mundial. Actualmente, también representa y reafirma el conocimiento de Montblanc y su visión hacia el futuro de los instrumentos de escritura de lujo.

Fabricada en Hamburgo desde 1924, la Meisterstück representa realmente la búsqueda por la perfección de Montblanc. A través de los años, se ha convertido en un muy importante compañero para generaciones de estudiantes y científicos, poetas y artistas, estadistas y líderes de diversos sectores e industrias por igual. Su sofisticada imagen la han convertido en un instrumento de escritura único: y aún más, un referente.

Acorde con el “Espíritu de la Meisterstück”, Montblanc desvela su Colección Meisterstück: una selección única de sensuales artículos de piel, relojes de una meticulosa fabricación, una exquisita joyería y por supuesto una nueva colección de instrumentos de escritura Meisterstück que además “escribe” la historia de este tan atemporal icono. La Colección celebra 90 Años del concepto de Meisterstück, presentando nuevos iconos para tiempos venideros.

Elaborados en Hamburgo, cada plumín es grabado a mano en oro sólido por los maestros artesanos que supervisan 35 procesos previos a otros 70 procedimientos adicionales que se requieren para ensamblar y probar a la inconfundible Meisterstück. Una atención minuciosa por los detalles que ha sido mejorada aún más en estos 90 años.

Con la colección Meisterstück 90 Años de plumas fuente, se pueden descubrir plumines en oro rosa especiales y estará disponible por tiempo limitado el grabado de los mismos.

Haciendo eco a su ilustre herencia, las piezas relojeras Meisterstück Heritage de Montblanc representan plenamente los elementos de la alta relojería. Fabricados por manos expertas en las Manufacturas de Montblanc en Villeret y en Le Locle, Suiza, los relojes clásicos representan lo mejor de la relojería tradicional suiza con sus únicas y refinadas complicaciones.

En esta colección Meisterstück 90 Años, se pueden encontrar además refinados artículos de piel elaborados en la Pelletteria de Montblanc en Florencia, en el centro mismo de la tradición peletera italiana. Con un diseño en piel de becerro muy suave, la colección Soft Grain (graneado suave) demuestran la calidad de la mejor piel italiana.

Diseñados en París, un delicado juego de brazaletes, llaveros y atemporales mancuernillas con una sencilla forma de barra en ónix, colocan a la nueva Colección Meisterstück en el campo de los accesorios atemporales.

La colección conmemora 90 Años del concepto de Meisterstück, presentando nuevos iconos para tiempo futuros.

Carolina Herrera: Spring/Summer 2015 Men's Collection

Relaxed and sporty silhouettes define the Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Collection. Knitted fabrications add texture while imaginative prints create a modern feel. Complemented by refined formal wear, cotton and silk blended suits are soft to the touch while still maintaining a structured form.

Navy blues accented by bright yellow, mint green and CH signature red evoke a sense of playfulness and lightness. Not only the colors lend to the relaxed feel of the collection but stylish polo shirts and Bermuda shorts marked by whimsical motifs such as florals, polka dots, and stripe prints, create a fun appeal for the “off duty” CH man. Knitwear and leather jackets with denim detailing, finish off the collection epitomizing the fresh spirit of Carolina Herrera.

Download lookbook in PDF.

Carolina Herrera: Spring/Summer 2015 Women's Collection

Playing with contrast and asymmetrical lines, the CH Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2015 women’s collection features new silhouettes in light fabrications creating movement and versatility.

The precision in cuts, detailed embroidery, and one-of-a-kind prints, create newness and a touch of whimsy often found in Carolina Herrera’s designs. The mixing and matching of prints with different fabrications; light flowing silks juxtaposed by structured double-face wool, adds a layer of texture while still maintaining a lightness and airy, summery feel. Shapes take new form with the addition of silk lace embracing a sensuous, feminine appeal.

Playing with volume, an array of blouses, pants and both cocktail and evening dresses create options for day to night. Cool colors of green, navy, and sky blue are paired with earth tones of sand and beige accented by brighter pinks and the CH signature red. Black and white finish off the color palette for a complete summer styling.

Download lookbook in PDF.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marcela Gutíerrez Diana Vreeland Exhibit - Melet Mercantile -

The Spirit of Diana Vreeland Is

Alive and Well in Soho

During New York fashion week, the wonderful Shala Monroque hosted an exhibition of a selection of works inspired by Diana Vreeland, painted by my very dear and incredibly talented friend Marcela Gutiérrez.
Held at Melet Mercantile on Wooster Street, the show took place in an intimate room covered in the most fantastic red floral wallpaper. Marcela’s brilliant and bold paintings of Vreeland juxtaposed with the backdrop of the bright red walls was a match made in heaven. So fascinating to see an exhibition hung on something different than the usual white wall; it was a background that shouldn’t have worked but turned out to be the most perfect complement to the collection.
Vreeland vibes were present even in the smallest details: the peanut butter-filled puffs that she would eat daily; the small shots of whiskey served to guests; and a burning candle that filled the room with her favorite scent.
It was the perfect fashion-y yet non-fashion-week event to break up a grueling day of shows.

For more information, visit
Culture / Style Map: Marcela Gutíerrez Diana Vreeland Exhibit - Melet Mercantile

The best lidos in Europe (Condé Nast Traveller)

Heating Up: A New Wave of Lidos 

The best outdoor swimming pools across Europe

It's all in the pronunciation. A 'lee-do' is what they have in Venice, the finger-shaped island with its long stretch of beach facing away from the famed skyline and out across the Adriatic. We are talking about the other sort, the 'ly-do', an open-air swimming pool that acts as the most terrific oasis on a sunny day in the city. England has long nailed this kind of watery retreat: Brockwell and Tooting Bec lidos have attracted London front-crawlers for more than 70 years, while in Bristol the once derelict VictorianClifton Lido has been completely transformed into a groovy swim-sunbathe-spa set-up. In Porto Montenegro, everyone's cooling off at the just-opened LidoMar, a members-only club where the Olympic-size pool is lined by day beds and cabanas, with a three-metre-high sculpture of a figure by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa. Guests at the new, crisply nautical Regent Hotel are fast-tracked here, and day passes are available but only by booking in advance. Also fresh on the scene is 1920s Parisian piscine Molitor, spankingly renovated by hotel group MGallery. The 50-metre-long outdoor pool - which, in its heyday, was transformed into an ice-skating rink each winter - fell into disrepair 25 years ago and began hosting ravers rather than swimmers. Now, it's so smart as to be bordering on the ridiculous. The water is surrounded by three tiers of hotel rooms designed in the style of Art Deco ocean-liner cabins, and there's a rooftop restaurant that's so close to Roland Garros you can follow the French Open commentary. If you're looking for somewhere a little less chlorinated for a splash, keep an eye out for the public bathing pond being built in an unlikely setting behind London's King's Cross station - you'll be able to spot it as you return on the Eurostar.
This feature first appeared in Condé Nast Traveller September 2014



Charlotte Casiraghi on Designer Makeup, French Pharmacy Staples, and Helmet Hair

Plus, a first look at the Gucci Cosmetics campaign lensed by
Fabien Baron and Darius Khondji
ucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, selected the face of the house’s forthcoming cosmetics line, out next month, based on one thing: the eyes. “To me, the eyes are always the most important, because with your eyes you can really interact with people,” she said. Despite a vast range of models and celebrities at her disposal, Giannini had her sights set on only one woman: Charlotte Casiraghi. Not only is the 28-year-old brunette with piercing blue-gray eyes a classic beauty (much like her mother, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, or maternal grandmother, the iconic Grace Kelly), but her life is equally as enchanting (she’s fifth in line to the Monegasque throne). She’s also as fearless about makeup as she is about competitive show jumping, which she does regularly wearing custom riding attire from Gucci. From bright pink lips to black nails to teal shadow, the royal has rocked it all. When she’s not sitting beside Kate Moss in the front row, however, the mother of 9-month-old son Raphaël keeps her routine rather simple, often relying on brown mascara and a touch of bronzer when she’s not in the international spotlight. Here, Casiraghi shares her French pharmacy staples, the secret to staying fit without hitting the gym, and why she doesn’t care about helmet hair.
Sitting front row alongside Kate Moss at Gucci's Spring '15 show 
With 200 products to choose from, which piece in the Gucci cosmetics range is your favorite?
I have to say, one of my favorites is the eyeliner. It’s really good, and really easy [to apply]—and it’s not easy to put on eyeliner. Also, the lipstick in Iconic Red is great.
Do you have any tricks for applying liquid liner?
Not really, because it’s so easy to use, you just follow the line!
It’s interesting that you say eyeliner is your favorite product, because Frida said she specifically chose you because your eyes tell such a story. Aside from liner, how do you play them up?
I actually use black or brownish colors—quite natural. I don’t do crazy eye makeup, but it really depends. I think what’s fun with makeup is to try out different looks, so it’s really whatever you feel like wearing.… Sometimes I can put on glitter and something fun, and other times I feel like something very classic. It really changes.
Frida also said that the Gucci woman always takes a risk! What about your everyday look?
The bronzing powder in the summer is nice; the mascara—the brown one—for everyday is really nice, too. The [liner] pencils are great because they last really long. So, really natural colors—brown pencil, brown mascara, bronzing powder, are the essential day-to-day things I would use from the line.
The print campaign shot by Mert & Marcus 
Courtesy of Gucci
Have you learned any great beauty tips or tricks throughout the years?
You can play with light inside the eye. If you put light pencil [on the waterline], it can brighten your eyes. A shiny [pigment] on the inside [corner] can open up the eye, or a little bit of a glow [on your cheekbones]. There are little things that can help.… I think the real secret is to find out what style of makeup suits you, and that’s something you [discover] as you just play around. Even if makeup artists can give you tips, it’s yourself, what you feel comfortable doing, and what you feel suits you the best. I think that comes with time.
Since you’re often traveling, what are the essentials that you pack in your carry-on?
Usually I have some water mist; that’s nice to use to freshen up. Or maybe eye drops, if you have dry eyes. It’s more comfort things rather than makeup.
Which eye drops do you use?
There are drops you find in France, Les Gouttes Bleues, from a brand called Innoxa. They’re these blue drops that you put in your eyes and you can buy them at the pharmacy. They’re hydrating.
How has your beauty routine changed in the past year?
It depends how much time I can spend getting ready. I don’t really have a strict routine—it’s just the basics. Taking the time to clean your skin, I think that’s the most important thing. Usually I don’t like to wash it with soap, I use lotion and milk [ démaquillant]. That’s just the basic thing I do. I don’t have 10 different products I use. It’s quite simple.
Charlotte Casiraghi hosts a party to celebrate the launch of Gucci Cosmetics with Frida Giannini
Is there a cleansing milk you like to use?
Not really, it’s more like things you can find [at the pharmacy]. In France we’re lucky because we have great pharmacy products.
Do you have a signature scent?
I like more fresh smells, like jasmine. I love essential oils too. I don’t have a specific scent, but it’s very natural. I use a lot of essential oils mixed with normal oil and lotion.
Your brows are such a defining feature. How do you keep them looking their best?
I don’t do anything! I think the worst thing is if you touch your eyebrows, then it’s over. I think it’s better sometimes not to try and shape them too much. Just maybe brush them a little if they’re going wild.
As far as hair products go, do you have any favorites?
I actually like the magnolia oil from Leonor Greyl.
Catching some air at Paris Eiffel Jumping
How do you deal with helmet hair after riding?
I don’t think about it! When I get off my horse, I’m more worried about how I rode, how my horse was, speaking to my trainer. When you’re riding, the one thing you do before you get on the horse is to make sure everything is neat because you don’t want to have hair sticking out or your jacket all [undone]. Before you get on the horse, you just make sure everything is in place, but when you get off the horse it’s like any sport when you’re competing—[there is] a lot of adrenaline when you finish, you’re a little bit in another dimension. So if my hair is completely full of sweat, I don’t even notice.
In addition to show jumping, is there anything else you do to stay in shape?
No, because horseback riding takes up so much time. When I’m on holiday I don’t really do sports, because I’m riding all year long, and nearly every day.
Riding a horse seems like it would beat sitting on a stationary bike at the gym any day of the week.
Beauty / People: Charlotte Casiraghi Beauty Tips - Gucci Makeup Campaign