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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fashion and Art: LUISAVIAROMA bridges the gap between Mexico and Italy

During his visit to the international contemporary art fair Zona Maco, Andrea Panconesi, CEO and founder of LUISAVIAROMA, helped unite the worlds of fashion, art and culture.

After evaluating the artists in the Design section, Panconesi offered the designer Héctor Esrawe, the opportunity to sell his creations on LUISAVIAROMA.COM, in the 150 countries where the online retailer is present.

Héctor Esrawe is a multifaceted artist, whose works span from interior and industrial design to furniture. In the 15 years since he started his career, Esrawe has been presented with several international awards. His team consists of designers, architects and engineers who collaborate to develop every product from concept to creation.

He also enlisted the artist Eduardo Sarabia for an exclusive collaboration with designer Sami Hayek, where they combined art with industrial design to create an exclusive fine tableware collection.

The works of Eduardo Sarabia are created from diverse materials, usually the same types of materials used by local craftsmen. Sarabia explores cultural identity and transnationalism in his paintings, sculptures and installations, that have been recognized on an international level.

Sami Hayek is an multidiscipline artist who mixes styles, textures and materials to create unique and expressive forms. Through his pieces, Hayek encourages the viewer to have an experience, making him a preferred artist to Hollywood stars.

Thanks to LUISAVIAROMA, Mexico and Italy have been brought closer together through this collaboration between art, fashion and design that gives life to a creative, artistic and commercial dialogue.

Carolina Herrera - Fall '15 Collection

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Galerie Perrotin

909 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021
26 February – 11 April 2015

Opening reception:
Thursday 26 February, 6-8pm
76 rue de Turenne, 75003, Paris
7 March – 11 April 2015

Opening reception:
Saturday 7 March, 4-9pm
Galerie Perrotin is pleased to present “Music”, a double exhibition of new works by Xavier Veilhan, held simultaneously in the gallery’s New York and Paris locations. It is the artist’s seventh solo exhibition with the gallery.

Since the 1990’s, Xavier Veilhan has developed a multi-form approach to sculpture, painting, performance, video and photography. Gaining international recognition with his 2009 exhibition at the Château de Versailles in France, recent projects in the US include site-specific exhibitions in Los Angeles in 2012-2013 (Sheats-Goldstein Residence, VDL Research House, Case Study House n°21), “Jean-Marc” (2012) installed in Manhattan’s Midtown and “Le Corbusier” (2013), a large-scale bust of the architect now permanently installed in Miami’s Design district. Known primarily for his figurative sculptures, Xavier Veilhan has developed his own formal vocabulary, often reinterpreting classical sculptural and architectural elements with the aid of high technology.

In the New York gallery, the artist pays direct homage to the music producers who are responsible for creating the soundtrack of our time. “Producers” is a series of sculptures modeled from 3D scans and rendered in a variety of materials, from wood to metal.

Similar to his 2009 series “The Architects” presented in Versailles, the statues of producers, which include renderings of Brian Eno, Nigel Godrich, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder, The Neptunes (Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams), Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rick Rubin and Philippe Zdar, among others, stand together to form Xavier Veilhan’s personal pantheon. In contrast to the majority of his previous portraits however, “Producers” are more detailed and realistic, indicating a move in his work towards more life-like renderings. Alongside “Producers”, the New York space features a monumental mobile, “Mobile (Music)”, composed of thirty floating spheres, as well as several smaller mobiles, which evoke the music created by the producers. Although in previous projects (such as collaborations with Sebastien Tellier, AIR, or French composer, Eliane Radigue) Xavier Veilhan employed music for its durational and theatrical effects, the present show marks the first time the artist takes music itself for his central theme.

In the Paris space, several “Producers” are embedded in a larger selection of works, giving way to a more general consideration of how auditory experiences can be translated into images. The exhibition also includes an extensive selection of new works devoted to Xavier Veilhan’s musical performance, “SYSTEMA OCCAM” (a silent visual prelude to “OCCAM I”, the harp piece by Eliane Radigue interpreted by Rhodri Davies), recently presented at New York’s Florence Gould Hall as part of the “Crossing the Lines” festival (2013). Eliane Radigue is represented in Paris by a small statue, shown alongside sculpted busts, oil paintings, lithophanes and lithography prints, as well as a LED light machine that replays scenes from the performance, exploring the transposition of choreographic gestures from one setting to another.

Additionally, a new work investigates the idea of the pedestal and the plinth as integral components of the work: statues inspired by postures from “SYSTEMA OCCAM” are exhibited on a hybrid piece of furniture reminiscent of Renaissance furniture and Breton calvary, while also recalling Donald Judd’s minimalist sculptures.

In both locations, Xavier Veilhan offers us visual translations and representations of our auditory environment and the people responsible for its production. In so doing, he makes visible our hypermodern and increasingly artificial aural world, which, without intervention, can often go unnoticed and unconsidered. The central tension of the show can be summed up like this: sometimes in order to listen, it helps to see. With “Music”, the artist provides a visual reminder that our lives are suffused with sounds of our own design.

Ingrid Luquet-Gad

1. “Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo” (detail), 2015. Plywood, acrylic paint, varnish.
161 x 100 x 55 cm / 63 3/8 x 39 3/8 x 21 5/8 in.
2. “Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry”, 2015. Aluminium-filled polyurethane resin, plywood, acrylic paint, varnish.
122,5 x 62 x 86 cm / 48 1/4 x 24 3/8 x 33 7/8 in.

3. “Mobile nº6”, 2015. Stainless steel, beech, cork, linen, acrylic varnish
105 x 86 x 54 cm / 41 3/8 x 33 7/8 x 21 1/4 in.

© Veilhan; photo Diane Arques / ADAGP, Paris / ARS, New York, 2015

3er Salón 100% Chic Talento Venezolano

La importancia que en los tiempos modernos ha tenido la moda asociada a la cultura en Venezuela, es innegable. Si a esto le sumamos el éxito sin precedentes de las anteriores ediciones, hemos logrado entonces consolidar en los salones 100% Chic una genuina fusión entre la moda y el arte como estilo de vida. Es así como Titina Penzini junto a Doble A Producciones y ahora el Centro de Arte Los Galpones se unen para realizar el 3er Salón 100% Chic Talento Venezolano, el cual se llevará a cabo el día domingo 1 de Marzo desde las 11am.

En este 3er Salón 100% Chic Talento Venezolano by Titina Penzini serán protagonistas los más grandes y emprendedores exponentes de la moda nacional, quienes presentaran sus más recientes creaciones y tendencias para este 2015.

Uno de los elementos diferenciadores, como mencionamos anteriormente, es el espacio elegido para esta edición. El Centro de Arte Los Galpones reúne en un solo lugar versatilidad, glamour, frescura, buen gusto y comodidad para hacer de esta experiencia la máxima expresión del estilo de vida 100% Chic.

Titina Penzini y Doble A Producciones te invitan a disfrutar una vez mas de esta nueva forma de ver la moda y la cultura en Venezuela.


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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Estilista francesa satiriza campanhas de grandes marcas em projeto artístico

parodia_novoformatoAs modelos de idade madura vem dando o que falar nas campanhas de moda já há algum tempo. As mulheres de aparência “normal” no entanto ainda são coisa rara nos anúncios das grandes marcas. Cansada desse “ostracismo” a estilista francesa Nathalie Croquet decidiu brincar com os rígidos códigos estéticos do mundo do luxo e, em parceria com o fotógrafo publicitário Daniel Schweizer, produziu uma série de fotos parodiando, com muito bom humor, campanhas de grandes marcas de moda.


A série, batizada «Spoof» (paródia, sátira, imitação, em tradução livre), é um projeto artístico que tem como objetivo explícito fazer uma sátira das campanhas que mostram modelos sem nenhuma imperfeição e muitas vezes em poses nada naturais. Quem estrela as imagens é a própria Nathalie que, se não tem exatamente um físico de modelo, esbanja talento e autocrítica.


Uma iniciativa inteligente e muito bem humorada que questiona a representação idealizada e excessivamente distante da realidade da mulher na mídia.
Bravo !


Sunday, February 15, 2015

GUACAMAYA POP...amor y color en movimiento

Durante todo el año 2015, mec estará compartiendo con el público los 10 años de su popular pulsera Flor de Corazón. Ésta pieza se ha editado hasta la fecha, en más de 90 distintas variaciones de tonos y combinaciones. Con sus diseños, mec propone que el color es comunicación; y con ésta nueva línea GUACAMAYA POP, busca celebrar la DIVERSIDAD, trabajando las proporciones de 28 tonos sólidos. Ésta firma de joyería contemporánea, interpreta en 40 piezas llenas de fantasía caribeña, el tricolor de la Ara Bandera Americana.

Así, durante los meses de febrero, mayo, agosto y noviembre, mec lanzará al mercado 10 de sus variadas interpretaciones de este hermoso animal, brindando al público mas libertad, diversidad y versatilidad.

En las vitrinas de las tiendas Aprilis de Caracas, el próximo 14 de febrero mec lanzará al mercado, el primer grupo de esta edición Aniversario 2015 de Flor de Corazón.